The Democrats MUST now bust out a no-holds-barred concerted effort in West Virginia and Arizona with the sole purpose of convincing the Democratic voters in these states to flood the offices of both Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema with calls and emails demanding they vote for the infrastructure bill. And, to let them know that they will with lose their seat if they do not. And, to let these two know, in no uncertain terms, that if they continue to block any efforts to use budget reconciliation, or get rid of the filibuster. they will lose their seat. These voters must let these two know that they will be voted out unless they vote with President Biden.

The Democrats and Joe Biden must now use the budget reconciliation process to get around the filibuster. If not, the Republicans will turn this country into a Fascist’s wet dream. They have already enacted laws that will prevent hundreds of thousands of people from voting. They have put an arrow into the faint but still beating heart of Roe v Wade. They have been trying to kill Obamacare (he’s gasp black!) since it was enacted. They want rule by wealthy, white people only. This is pure and simple, and obvious. And they are the fucking minority in this country. The Democrats must now understand here and now that these Fascists will not stop trampling on working people’s rights. They must be punched in the mouth. Hard.

The Republicans threaten that getting around the filibuster will rebound against the Democrats — and us — the majority of this country — down the road. Well, here’s a news flash: the road won’t be there at all if we continue to let Mitch McConnell and the Republicans get away with turning this country into an autocratic state run by the whitest and wealthiest ten per cent among us.

I fully understand how terrible the situation in Afghanistan is for most of the women and girls, and for many of the men who are now there. All of whom now fear for their lives.

However, I can not shake the nagging thought that all of it, any political situation anywhere in the world, here, Russia, China, anywhere, means nothing when placed in the context of what is now taking place because of what we have done to our climate.

…“This world would be better off without…” You know, whatever. Well, I would like to say, I would be better off without this world.

This world is filled with a power-hungry sick greed that is so selfish, so stupid, and so very short-sighted as to be overwhelming in its bald-faced ignorance. And, as for bald-faced ignorance, most of the world’s population seem to be willing to be exploited by these most ignorant, most irresponsible, most inhuman — and inhumane — among us. …

It is a given that the policies of the Republican Party have always, for the most part, been opposed to those of the Democratic Party. However, what the population that votes Republican has failed to realize is that on one major account the Republican Party is opposed to them, their voters, as well.

Which of us enjoys paying for something and not getting what it is you paid for? There is one basic, very important, difference between the Democratic Party and the Republican Party. Perhaps, it is the most telling one.

Besides the fact that there is only two black faces in this picture of the Republican members of Congress, and besides the fact that they are actively seeking to prevent voting and besides the fact that they embrace violence and white supremacy these things aren’t as telling as the one thing they have always been about. Besides the point that they are hostile to compromise and the hundred other points which show how little they care for governance and how much they care about raw power and keeping their wealthy donors happy — at the expense of the populace at large — this is the one thing about them should really piss off all of us, including their own voters, most of all.

We are now in a pitched battle. A life and death struggle between the informed sane and the uninformed propagandized insane. Between the people who can believe in both God and science, and the ones who can believe only in God — and Qanon.

Have you watched “Into The Storm” on HBO? Of course Donald Trump is leading a hidden war against Satanist pedophiles in Hollywood and the Democratic Party. Who else would be doing such important and noble work? That anyone in their right mind could believe this is proof enough that we are fighting an army of lunatics…

Interesting that the root of murderous cop Derek Chauvin’s name is the root of the word Chauvinism.

Chauvinism is the irrational belief in the superiority or dominance of one’s own group or people, who are seen as strong and virtuous, while others are considered weak or unworthy.[1] It can be described as a form of extreme patriotism and nationalism, a fervent faith in national excellence and glory.

This is how it has been ever since the Presidency of Ronald Reagan.

The Republicans somehow get elected and for four years they make a huge mess. So then the people wake up and elect the Democrats who then must spend all four years trying to clean up the mess that the Republicans made.

And now, in a new low, the craven Republicans in Texas who have long railed against “regulations” in order that they can steal more from the citizenry and build shoddy systems that don’t work, are seeing the results of their obscene greed fall on their citizenry and they are blaming it on Green energy!

What we have here is the King’s men i.e. The Republicans, doing all they can to keep us, the people who are not members of the “court,” from getting anything that will help protect us from them. Anything that will educate us about their criminality, anything that can help us get a decent job, anything that will help the environment and allow us to breathe, have clean water and be able to take the time to question just how truly vile and obscene these scummy Republicans are.

And, isn’t it poetic that the vermin that is Donald John Trump, a cancerous coward of epic proportions, has fled like the cockroach he is as soon as the lights went on? And, trailing along with this bloated boor goes the world’s biggest whore. Good fucking riddance!


And, isn’t it poetic that this biggest loser, and his tasteless whore of a wife, have fled to Florida, a state inhabited by so many tax avoiders, failures and end-of-the-roaders? The state known by so many of its residents as God’s waiting room, where, until he is thrown in prison, he will wallow among the mosquitos, the muggy air, and Florida’s cultural elite.

Tony Powers

is Barking in the Dark. He enjoys walking on the beach at sunset and glue. His full bio may be seen by clicking on

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