Tony Powers
2 min readJun 23, 2022



Supreme Court strikes down New York State gun law.

You tell me that these scummy Right-wing Conservative cocksuckers don’t want us fearful and confused as they continue to rob the working-class.

Fat Federalist scum

Despoiler of earth

Scales ‘neath the thumb

Of silver spoon birth

Oil must flow

Coal must be mined

Profits must grow

To keep wined and dined

Havanas to puff

Limos to ride

More’s not enough

Who cares who’s died?

Judges to buy

Scales to be tipped

Congressmen bribed

Senators flipped

New Deal to kill

Tax to collect

Court seats to fill

Crimes to protect

Unions to bust

Rights to be stripped

Ground into dust

Cracked by the whip

Keep peasants in

Each others face

Nerve ends worn thin

Guns every place

News filled with dread

Death and despair

Whoever said

Life should be fair?

This mess you’re in

Ain’t it a bitch?

You should’ve been

Like me — born rich.

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