And now, in a new low, the craven Republicans in Texas who have long railed against “regulations” in order that they can steal more from the citizenry and build shoddy systems that don’t work, are seeing the results of their obscene greed fall on their citizenry and they are blaming it on Green energy!

What we have here is the King’s men i.e. The Republicans, doing all they can to keep us, the people who are not members of the “court,” from getting anything that will help protect us from them. Anything that will educate us about their criminality, anything that can help us get a decent job, anything that will help the environment and allow us to breathe, have clean water and be able to take the time to question just how truly vile and obscene these scummy Republicans are.

Understand this; Republicans do not care for anyone who is not white, wealthy, or not a professed “Christian.”

The rest of us are nothing in their eyes. We do not deserve decent drinking water! (See Flint.) Here is the Republican plank; “Let them eat shit!” Any working-class person who votes for any Republican is insane!

Unless you have a portfolio, acreage in Idaho, are a Klansman, or a member of some deluded organization like the Proud Boys — who, in their Proud ignorance will gladly do the bidding of their masters, you are nothing in the eyes of the Republican Party. Less than nothing.

We understand that politicians of all stripes have been lining their pockets for years — but it’s primarily the Republicans who continually line their pockets while insisting that the rest of us go without pants.

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