Get use too it my Barking frend. Americas gratest Presidant Donald J. Trump will be Presidant agian! Period full stop suck on that!

Thare can not be no grater man that me and my missus woud want to brake bread with and she makes the meanest skwirral stew that i know he woud love so much cuz he is a meat and pottatos man if ever. She onct sed that i shoudnt get upsett that she woud like to wash his unmentionabels. Well me too! So there!

Mr Barking have you ever shott a gun? Ever eaten skwirral? Go a cuppel weeks without a shower? Up there in yore fancy apartmant with yore books and Shardonay? What do you know about anything reel? I am a reel red-blood American and I say we need the iron fist of reel leeders like Presidant Trump and Jarid and Ivankuh. And also Erick! And Mr Juliany too! These are the patriuts who will leed us to grateness beyond any grateness ever in the histery of histerys grateness.

So you and yore bleeding haert libarels better understand that a new order is comming down up on you. An order of THE RIGHT that will see you and yore kind and Hillary in jail whare you all belong and shoud be now alreddy. You all will neel before yore masters. Books will be burnt! Wimmen will no thare place! Religgin will be taut in all schools everywhare. And the colored will also no thare place too!

Donald John Trump will be the oncet and fucher Presidant for now and for life Uber Alles!

Heil Trump!


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Tony Powers

Tony Powers

is Barking in the Dark. He enjoys walking on the beach at sunset and glue. His full bio may be seen by clicking on