Tony Powers
2 min readSep 2, 2022

Whats the big deal abowt broun water in Jakson Misissipi anyway? So what the water is broun so are thay. Duh. Thay dont bath anyway right? And thay also all vote democrat right? And anyway thay can get water from the Pearl River. So what if it aint clean thay are to.

Who cares if thay aint got no water and anyway thay can go 3 or 4 days withowt it anyways. I dont drink water for days sometimes and Im fine — so whats the big fuss? And beer is water to. Thay can get there water in a six-pack. Boy are some poeple dum. And anyway this is nothing compared to how the feds are trying to frame Mr Trump with this secret stuf that planted in his home.

And anyways, what? You gonna spend money on water fer these poeple or you gonna spend it on the rocket luanches to the moon and The Mars? This their is a no-braner. And hay, like I sez beer is water so whynt thay just buy a case of that good Jonny Reb beer (all procedes go to The Klan) hah hah — and thay can cleen themselvs up with the beer water. Duh. And anyway, thays always gospeling about goin “down to the river” so…

And anyways again all you commie libs better watch out if you put Mr Trump on trial he is the one tryin to save this country and make it like it was again.

Hale Trump. Hale Trump. Hale Trump.



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