Tony Powers
1 min readJun 4, 2022

It’s niggas and Jews

Makes us do meth and booze

Or else weed have well-paying jobs

Fuck uncle Ben

Were all smart white men

Were not no dumm beer-swilling slobs

’Cause we love Qanon

We are all put upon

But we’re different from Jews Chinks and Coons

Were American white

The nights of the Right

We ain’t no dumm gun-totin’ goons

We march in Christ’s loving name

Fueled by the cross and the flame

Just try ‘n take our guns away

You jigs and kikes

Youll pay…

Come all Billy Bobs

Come all Jimmy Joes

Come teach all the young ‘uns whuts right

Blacks and Jews come from mud

Only we are pure-blood

And we must clean whut ain’t Christian White

Yay, you’re shit if you ain’t Pure Christ-White


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